Detroit Airport terminals map

Detroit Airport terminals

This airport has two terminals: McNamara terminal and Evans terminal . Each terminal has everything to make passengers feel comfortable and let them use all the necessary services. Here you can find many restaurants and cafes, large and small shops, lounges and other locations where you can have a good time. The space is organized very well, thanks to which passengers don’t experience inconvenience even at peak times, when the maximum possible number of people are at the airport.

If you want to move between terminals at DTW, you can use a special form of transport called a shuttle. This transport runs between the terminals, and also stops near the Westin Hotel. This is a place where each passenger can rent a room both for a short time and for a long time. The hotel provides people with all the necessary services, including a restaurant and a gym. The shuttle leaves every 10 minutes. Passengers can take any baggage and pet with them, as long as it is in a cage that complies with airport regulations. The shuttle ride is free.

McNamara terminal in DTW

McNamara terminal in DTW

If you have a question what terminal does Delta fly out of at DTW, here is the answer for you: McNamara terminal. The airline uses this location with exclusive rights. In addition, this terminal is used by the company’s partners: Air France, Aeromexico.

The terminal was opened in 2002. At first it was called Northwest WorldGateway.

Delta terminal at DTW consists of four levels including the lower level.

Lower level: international arrivals.

Level 1: international and domestic arrivals.
Level 2: from here you can access transport and parking spaces. Also there is the concourse area and boarding gates on this level.
Level 3: the check-in area is located here.

There are three concourses (A, B, C) in this terminal.

Detroit Airport terminals map

As mentioned above, each of the two terminals has a large number of services available to passengers. For example, this terminal has ATMs, vending machines, restaurants, cafes, currency exchange points, bank branches, baby care areas, pet care areas.

In addition, the Detroit Airport Delta terminal has several lounge areas organized by this American airline. Lounges have a standard set of services: here you can have a bite to eat, drink alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, use wireless Internet, read newspapers, watch TV.

Of course, there is also Duty Free, where you can purchase a variety of goods, from food and drinks to branded clothing.

Evans terminal at Detroit Airport

This terminal was put into operation in 2008. The location is intended for airlines that are not part of the SkyTeam alliance. Previously, this terminal was called the North Terminal. It came to replace the outdated Berry and Smith terminals.

This terminal has two levels. The first level is for the arrivals and baggage claim area. The second level has departures area and check-in area. Also there is concourse D in this terminal.

Evans terminal at Detroit Airport

Passengers can use approximately the same services that were listed in the previous section. There are three lounge areas, two of which are organized by Lufthansa.

If you have any questions at the airport itself, you can get the information you need by visiting the Information desk. This is a location that is designed to consult passengers.

You can also find useful information on the Internet. For example, DTW Airport terminal map. You can do this, for example, by visiting the airport’s official website. The page you are currently on will also be useful to you.